The Best Way to Lose Weight After Age 50

Ready to lose weight and feel great starting with just six simple tips? They're physician-backed and perfect for busy professional women like you!

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You Can Lose Weight After Age 50!

You want to fit into your clothes. You want to be happy with the person you see in the mirror. You want the energy you used to have. Whatever your reason, you want to lose weight... without gaining a whole bunch of complicated guidelines. 

Well, the simple and FREE basic guide you've been hungry for is HERE! 

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  • The best ways to lose weight after 50!
  • Just how impactful basic changes to your lifestyle can be.



"Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own."


Hi, I'm Heather Awad, MD

Over the years, I noticed my weight creeping up with each baby we added to our family. In my 40s, the number on scale continued to climb. So I ate less and exercised more, which made me hungry and miserable, and I didn’t lose weight. I then moved to going on diets, then off diets. I think we all know how well that works. Any of this sound familiar? 

I finally discovered a weight loss program to end all other weight loss programs. The concept is simple and includes only foods that I enjoy. 

Through coaching, I have discovered the root causes of my overdesire for food and my overeating of sugar. While I wish I were naturally a stress cleaner rather than a stress eater, I’m learning to process my stress in healthier ways.  

The most wonderful part about my new weight loss protocol is that it leads to an even simpler, more low-maintenance eating plan so my CURRENT weight loss journey is my LAST weight loss journey. 

I am a family physician by training, and I am coaching people how to lose weight for the last time.

Vibrant Weight Loss for Professional Women is available now. You can download the 6 Ways sheet, and I will send you more information about the program.