54. Perfectionism, Work, and Weight Loss

I was thrilled to have Dr. Megan Melo, MD a fellow family doctor on the show today. She and I are also certified Life Coaches--she works with doctors to decrease overwhelm by fighting perfectionism and people pleasing. We dive into perfectionism today. How does it show up at work, and can you see it in your work?

We discuss how there is about 20% of your work that needs to be at your highest level, and 80% can be done at a much lower standard. However, many professional women flip these numbers. When you work 80% of the time at that high level, it doesn't really make your work results better oftentimes, and it comes at a great cost to your well-being and personal life. We also discuss perfectionism as a habit, rather than a personal trait, which can be freeing when you want to make a change.

And perfectionism in weight loss? Completely unnecessary, and likely to hurt your progress (as well as adding misery to your life). Compassionate perseverance can be a better friend on your weight loss journey, and we discuss what that means today on the podcast too.

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