81. Weight Messaging with Teens with Dr. Polack

As a parent, doctor, and weight loss coach to other parents, I know that it often feels like there's no easy way to interact with our teens. Now factor in trying to talk to them about weight, body image, and health... We all want to good parents to our children, but there's no perfect way to do this.

So the question I get frequently from my clients is this: How can I instill positive messaging about health in my children while making changes to what I eat on my weight loss journey? In this episode, Dr. Noha Polack, a board certified pediatrician, helps us answer this question as her and I talk about weight messaging with teens.

Dr. Polack specializes in helping teens and pre-teens with body image and weight issues, and she believes that treating diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is both a physical and mental challenge. Her passion is advocating for and empowering teens and pre-teens to help them love their bodies and take control of their health journey. Additionally, Dr. Polack teaches professionals and parents who encounter children in this age group to use the right words to communicate positive messages about health instead of focusing on weight.

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