95. Obesity Medication vs. Lifestyle Modifications with Dr. Nikita Shah

Amongst all the hype surrounding some of the new obesity medications that have come out in recent years, and an emphasis on lifestyle modification to lose weight, it can be really hard for people thinking of starting a weight loss journey to know where to start. 

So today on the Vibrant-MD Podcast, with the help of obesity medicine specialist, Dr. Nikita Shah, we're going to try to make the decision a bit easier by shedding some light on how obesity medicine doctors think about the debate between obesity medications and lifestyle modifications when it comes to advising their patients. We get into discussing the role that genes play in obesity, treating underlying diseases, the marvels of modern medicine, and so much more.

Something that really stuck with me from this episode was a moment when Dr. Shah said that it only takes a 5-10% change in weight to drastically change your health, and that is the ultimate goal with weight loss. So whether you choose medication, lifestyle modification, or a combination of both, you're making a decision that will help you live a longer, happier, more vibrant life.

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Dr. Nikita Shah is a family medicine doctor turned obesity medicine specialist based out of Orlando Florida. She is the founder of Weight Sense, where she serves her patients by offering personalized obesity treatment backed by science-based medicine. She is currently accepting new patients and can be reached at:



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