96. Building Healthy Habits with Dr. Lola Ashaye

This week on the Vibrant-MD Podcast, I'm thrilled to have had Dr. Lola Ashaye join me to talk about building healthy habits.

Dr. Lola Ashaye is a primary care physician, double board certified in family medicine and lifestyle medicine. She is the CEO of InTouch Primary Care, a concierge/direct care clinic in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land TX where people with or without health insurance can easily access consistent quality health care under a membership model. She is passionate about wellness, weight management, and preventive care and truly believes that many health conditions can be prevented and reversed with easy access to quality health care.

In her work, she frequently helps her patients learn and build new healthy habits that lead to longer and happier lives. In this episode, she shares her tips for building habits that stick, such as starting slow and giving yourself grace. She also shares some of the habits that she recommends that midlife women adopt to stay healthy, happy, and vibrant through menopause and beyond.

If after listening to this episode you're interested in learning more about Dr. Ashaye's work, be sure to visit her at:


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