104. Peak Performance Productivity for Professional Women with Dr. Ann Tsung

I hear it so frequently from the professional women that I work with that they wish they had more time to do all of the things that they want/need to do. And it's true! As high-achieving women with so many things that we want to do plus all the regular responsibilities of life, 24 hours seems like it flies by.

But what if I told you that you could get back at least 10 hours of your time per week? Imagine what you could do then!

Well, my guest this week on the Vibrant-MD Podcast, Dr. Ann Tsung, specializes in helping entrepreneurs do just that! When you look at Dr. Tsung's resume you immediately get the sense that she is a master at getting things done. To name a few of her accomplishments, she is a NASA Flight Surgeon, Critical Care/Emergency Medicine physician, real estate investor, podcast show host of Productivity MD, a mother of a 19-month-old, and a peak performance/productivity coach at Productivity MD. With a unique fusion of medical precision and entrepreneurial success, she guides top physician entrepreneurs to unlock over 10 hours a week, master their mindset, scale their businesses, and achieve unparalleled freedom and leadership excellence.

In this episode, Dr. Tsung shares some of her favorite tips and tricks that she personally uses to make the most out of her time. They range from something as simple as turning your phone to grayscale in order to reduce dopamine dependence, to outsourcing until the scope of work only includes your "zone of genius", aka, the stuff that you're great at!

This is the type of episode where you'll walk away feeling empowered, with real tips that can make an immediate impact on your productivity. So do yourself a favor and tune into this episode!

And if after listening you're interested in learning more about Dr. Ann Tsung's work or any of the resources we discuss in this episode, check out the following links:


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