105. I Don't Want to be THAT Person

Is there a person that you're afraid of becoming while on your weight loss journey? I so frequently hear from the professional women that I work with that they're excited to have their personalized meal plans, but they're worried about what their new way of eating is going to look like when it comes to family/friend gatherings.

They're worried that they'll have to justify themselves to people, that food will be pushed upon them and they'll have to say no, or that they'll be perceived as bad guests. All totally valid concerns, because after all, they're venturing into new territory. But for just a moment, let's put aside our worries, and imagine two different people in this same situation: Justifying Jane and Magnificent Maya.

They're both on similar eating protocols, but the way that they engage with others when it comes to food varies drastically. Justifying Jane feels the need to explain her choices in great detail, while Magnificent Maya gracefully eats only what she wants, and nothing more. Despite eating the same foods, one of them is perceived by others in a much better light. I'll let you guess who!

In this episode of the Vibrant-MD Podcast, we'll explore this fear that so many people hold of becoming like Justifying Jane, and dive a bit deeper so that we can understand why it is that this fear exists. And please keep in mind that there's no one right way to be other than the way that you choose to be, but for many people, Magnificent Maya is an aspirational figure while they're on their weight loss journeys. So with that in mind, we'll also talk about ways to be the gracious, thoughtful, well-perceived, desired guest that she embodies, so that get-togethers can be a breeze!

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