106. Indecision Kills Weight Loss

Weight loss really works when you've made the mental commitment to staying on that path, and you have the support systems in place to hold you accountable. The worst place to be is in a state of indecision, which is what we'll dive into in this episode!

A good analogy for this conundrum that so many people face is when you're driving and there's a fork in the road. To the right, the road leads you home - a place that you know well and you're comfortable with. To the left, the road leads to a place that you've always been curious about but haven't ventured yet. And in-between these two roads there's a median full of debris, sticks, and trash; a generally uncomfortable place.

Within the context of weight loss, if you think of the road to the right as maintaining the status-quo, and the road to the left as moving head-on towards permanent weight loss, then the median represents indecision. It's a place where you're interested in moving towards permanent weight loss, but you're not sure if you'll be able to do it so you don't fully commit. It's a sticky zone where there's intention, but not quite enough, and this is often the situation that leads people to underwhelming results on their weight loss journeys.

Stories are always the best way to connect our experiences, so in this episode of the Vibrant-MD Podcast, I share a few stories, some of my own and some from clients - that highlight the different outcomes of a weight loss journey when it's faced head-on with mental commitment versus indecision. We'll also talk about the profound benefits of working with a coach while on your final weight loss journey, such as built-in accountability, having someone to consult with to work through the "sticky" social moments, and so much more!

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