110. What's Your Kryptonite

This week we're back with a shorter episode, but it addresses a question that's really important to acknowledge and have in the back of your mind when on a weight loss journey. That question, of course, is "what's your Krytonite?"

In the context of weight loss, I generally think of "kryptonite" as irresistible food items; things that, more often than not, cause you to succumb to their power. For many it's chocolate or ice cream, or for others it's bread or pasta. But unlike Superman, however, who rarely knows how and when he'll come in contact with kryptonite, we can predict when and where we might be within eye or nose length from these things. And from there, we can create a plan for how we want to handle our temptations in order to stay on track with our weight loss goals.

This is our superpower!

So in this episode of the Vibrant-MD Podcast, we'll talk about how to identify your own kryptonite, how to plan your indulgences with informed decision making, and we'll get into where your kryptonite fits into your weight loss journey. 

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